[Local Orbit surpasses anything out there]

Local Orbit surpasses anything out there.
     -   Lucy Norris, Northwest Agriculture Business Center
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The site is amazing! I really think your company has
a shot at changing the way food is sold on a local level.
     -   Brian Bruno, Apple Ridge Farm
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I am impressed with Local Orbit's capacity; the flexibility is
essential for food hubs across the country.
     -   Rich Pirog, MSU Center for Regional Food Systems
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Local Orbit enables me to work on my business' growth
rather than focus on the day to day functions.
     -   Gina Riccobono, FRESH
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Local Orbit provides the best overall package in terms
of product quality, service and cost effectiveness.
     -   Natasha Lantz, Marquette Food Hub
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We chose Local Orbit because of the individual support,
the friendly staff and the user-friendly interfaces.
     -   Maya Kosok, Farm Alliance of Baltimore City
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Local Orbit provides the information I need to minimize costs.
     -   Christine Quane, Detroit Eastern Market
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Sales and business management tools for the entrepreneurs and organizations building the New Food Economy, connecting local buyers and sellers with shorter, transparent supply chains.

We help people build profitable
businesses and healthier communities.
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Why Choose Local Orbit?

Juggling spreadsheets, sticky notes, Quickbooks, emails and phone calls limits your business's growth.

There's a better way.
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No Risk, No Start Up Costs

Affordable tools that grow with you, at every stage of your business. No upfront investment. 30-day free trial.

Unrivaled Flexibility

Custom branding, granular pricing, multiple payment options, versatile discount codes and delivery tools.

Intuitive Design

Supports the management processes you already use. Incorporates best practices from successful businesses.

Operational Efficiency

Run your business from one dashboard, accessible from any device, wherever you need it.

Streamlined Financials

Track the status of every transaction. Collect & make payments for the cost of a stamp, with the click of a button.

Transparency & Flexibility

Tell customers the story of your products. Track the supply chain journey with just a few clicks.